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Miss Hesitation by sleepless Miss Hesitation by sleepless
This is, as you could expect from me, dear miss ~hesitation [link]

Let him who says she is not beautiful cast the first stone, because the fscker surely won't get a chance to cast a second one. I'll hunt them down.

PS6, a heavily manipulated photo by olya [link]

Comments much appreciated. It's the ego trip that keeps the artists posting here! I mean come on :) (Smile)
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oxAvalonxo Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice hair
PastryKing Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2006
nice color
TelekSterling Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005

I love red hair, especially the way you've brought out all the highlights

+fave for sure.
tessieboo Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2005
eep! after all that manipulating... she looks almost exactly like me... only maybe a tad more mature :phae:
this is on my faves... you did a wonderful job... i love how it fades into the white and how brilliant the colors are... muy bueno ^_^
diDjA Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2004   Photographer
She looks just like my gf! its kinda creepy!!!!!! check out my profile iv'e got some pics of her.
lorrainemd Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2004
such a beautiful and dreamy piece.
wishmaster20 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
I like this pic... very much, but for me theres too much white... If u get closer tho the screen u can see that it is made byu computer.... I say this 'cause I think it would be great to make this with real piuctures(film, I mean)... That would be the way I'd agree with u... more...chill This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs!

ey ey ey vo! bananero lupero remera rayada!!! armen Pogo Carajo!!!

woofer Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2003
Irish right?

Green eyes, red hair.

Has to be.

Gorgeous or what?

elusionary Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2002  Hobbyist
Excellent manip love the way the light is cast upon her and also the elvish ears :) (Smile)
lonelyshadow Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2002
light and pleasing and warm...
Zlatty Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2002  Professional Photographer
This is really great ... nice job ... :D (Big Grin)
deviantmichael Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
wooooohaaaaa. this is heavenly. so bright and colorful. the hairs almost seem to burn. great work, and if you didn't tell that it is just manipulated i would say it is painted like some others of your pictures.
mental Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002  Professional Photographer
Surprisingly I haven't seen this before.

It is, to say the least, completely stunning.

Great work, +favs
mrsaturn Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2002
wow incredible manip..i love the soft glow on the left and the way you did her hair and eyes..a very beautiful manip of a very beautiful model!
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alphakx Featured By Owner May 26, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Beautiful!!! +favs Thumbs Up
+ + + + +
agarash Featured By Owner May 14, 2002
Give this deviation to HEXY :x (Mad)


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agarash Featured By Owner May 14, 2002
One word.. scroll down..




.[link]. StachtuS & ErevuS - Collaboration with Anemovatis - Final
Smashed up my sanity Smashed up my integrity Smashed up what i believed in
Smashed up what's left of me Smashed up my everything
Smashed up all that was true
Gonna smash myself to pieces I don't know what else to do
netguru Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2002
I missed this one! Hezy's a beautiful girl, and the artist isn't half bad either...... I'M JOKING! great job!
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niteangel Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2002
Love it!~ Love it!~ Hesitation is cool~ Her photos are great too!~
:D (Big Grin) Again, love it!~

Girls are always one of the best topics in design~ :) (Smile)

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pilife Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2002
amazing colors.... beautiful.
ezz Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2002
she is beutiful...:) (Smile)
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simba Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2002
Wonderful manip. I thought I had already commented on this, so sorry for the delay. ;) (Wink)

Nice job.
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dich Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2002
burning Hesi, elf girl!!!! :) (Smile)
Beer before Liquor; will get you sicker and russian vodka! really cool mixture!!! :D (Big Grin)
oakley Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2002
very the hair
sirmorphix Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2002
This is great, my deviations in this style pale in comparision. Great work, I love the hair.

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systemaddikt Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
She is beautiful, this is beautiful...what else is there to say?

[ K ]
delici0us Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2002
great :) (Smile)

___++delicious>>__ _
Pachunka Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2002  Hobbyist Artist
Just happened across this; freakin' incredible work, it's just awesome :) (Smile)

splat Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Wow, that's amazing. It's absolutely perfect.
x8trancebunny8x Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2002
I used to pose like that for my photos..*sigh* Back when I had hair...long hair....fluffy long hair...*wail* I MISS MY HAIR!!!
kriek Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
Im shocked that I didn't comment on this sooner. I love this. Color(s) are amazing! Beautiful, simply beautiful!
yohko Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2002
don't have much to add.. beautiful!
umbilikal Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2002   Writer
wow.....those eyes are gorgeous....i love redheads

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cynicalbaby Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002

this is really beautiful...

it captures the emotion and feel you were going for perfectly

j3ss3 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
this is sooooo nice, kinda reminds me someone I know.

great job man!
kgcreative Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002  Professional General Artist
This is absolutely beautiful, The fade, the airbrush work, the exquisite detail...

*adds to favorites*

*adds to devwatch*

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matanza Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
wow.. this is awesom. the way her face is so light makes it look so cool, and she is at the peak of beauty, wow

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twist1986 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
what did you do with her hair? it looks so cool! it looks kinda like fire. the white fades over to the right very well. and this comes from a photo you say? wow! it looks like its airbrushed.

........................................ ..................
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horse-fly Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
cool. i like the use of a motion blurry thingy.

HAHA bow down to my terminology of picture manipulations.

AnvilleArt Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist

When I find a word that explains how something comes so well together overall and captures an essence inside of you that you cant describe..then thats what I will call this peice when I find that word.
kimiko Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002  Professional Filmographer
Ack.. bright-fuzziness... o_O

The colours and contrast is really quite wonderful tho :) (Smile) . The way those green eyes stand creates quite an atmosphere


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deepwolf Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002
Thats some nice lighting on the hair :) (Smile)

She's got the urge... she's got the urge to herbal!


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digital-addict Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wanna know how you did that... and about my rain rain pic, i used photoshop 6. Mostly using overlays, some brushes blurs, adjustment layers,and colour dodge.

btw this is sweet love the high contrast

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m-a-s-a Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2002
the light and the red shade is great!
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xehirut Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002
There is only one ( 1 ) problem with this.. her eyes... her eyes seem so Kady-Wompis, and cross eyed... they just throw me.. and it's made me not use the image as my desktop.. other than that, you have a supremely beautiful woman there.

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subtech Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002
beutifull girl!
robc Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002   Traditional Artist
Very nice:) (Smile) Is it a bit personal to have 1000 lil guys drooling over her on their desktop tho?

I like the way you faded the light into the face :) (Smile)

Wait till I look up my phone number to give to her....

;) (Wink)


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gottmacher Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002
Beautiful hair, eyes, and skin. Gorgeous relight and with plenty of room for icons as a desktop. Sadly I have so many I'd probably wind up having to put some along that whitened out section of the face, paritally ruining the illusion of where my mind completes the image.

Maybe I should clean up my desktop and add this on...

-[Transmission terminated]-
the-wanderer Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002
This is fantastic. It's beautiful and it's beautifully done potraying a beautiful person who is beautiful in every way.
Now I have A Hezy all to my self... Muhahaha!!.... :P (Razz)
Great work.
carpal Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002
its the eyes man, the eyes

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